Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Number 1

Mish Mash
I am combining all of my blogs. Its the first step in controlling my ADD. :) I love this post. Its introspective and personal, but it can translate to anyone in any community.

I hate to start out a brand new blog with such a downer post, but this post is the reason that I decided to create this blog in the first place.  I promise it won't be all gloom and doom, but there are a few inaugural things I need to get off my chest.  Bear with me...

I LOVE my life.  I LOVE my community.  It gives me chills to head toward the school on a Friday night and see the lights of the stadium and witness such community spirit and support.  I wasn't sure if/how I would fit in the big picture of Calallen when we first moved out here, but have made many great friends and consider myself a card-carryin' member of the Calallen community.

Recently, a kiddo that plays football with my oldest son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.  That's right, Brain Cancer in a 14 year old healthy boy-child.  How's that for a great big "sucks"?  As a pediatric nurse and more importantly, as a Mom, this hit too close to my inner circle.  This family is awesome.  They are funny and kind.  They are witty and real.  They are anyone and everyone you would want to befriend and I, for one, love them like mad.  Three months ago I didn't even know them.

This makes me many people are going through really tough stuff?  How many people are struggling while putting on a happy face?  How many people aren't getting REAL with their kids or spouse and letting their guard down so that healing can begin?  I know I am sooo guilty of the "fake" happy face.  I am proud and vain and don't want others to know that I have weaknesses or flaws.  

In my circle of friends:

  • a 14 year old boy suffers from brain cancer and is unsure of any future plans he has dreamed
  • a Mom teeters between being strong for her child and completely breaking down
  • a 14 year old boy buried his Dad last year and visits his mom in rehab
  • a mom of 13 and 16 year old boys learn that her kids smoke pot (regularly) and get it from their DAD
  • a family with two small children and one on the way lose health insurance and the only income they had when Dad is unexpectedly laid off (as a church pastor)
  • a family with 3 kiddos is also looking for work this holiday season after losing their single income
  • a family struggles with a profound and progressive illness of their Mom
  • another family deals with a very rapid decline in the health of their Dad, the sole bread-winner
  • 3 girlfriends are dealing with divorce this holiday season
                   and how can I forget the story I heard on K-LOVE yesterday...

a completely healthy high-school football player went up for a pass, got hit as he was stretched out reaching for the ball and fell to the ground dead.  Heart stopped.  Just. like. that.

As we go through the holidays and onward in our lives, let's try to seek out the truth.  Let's get real with each other and put it on the table.  Let's help each other and lift each other up.  Let's not pretend to be okay when we are cracking at the edges.  Why don't we discipline each other's kids and look out for each other.  If it takes a village, we should be in good shape.  We have the strongest "village" I know of.  If you don't believe me, come to a Calallen Football game.

Peace and Grace,


  1. Your absolutely correct! People (me) put in "fake" smiles daily just do others won't think anything is wrong. You should always be the strong one, never let people see how hard things get. This us what we (I) grew up thinking. It is very difficult to ask for help or accept help. In our case, our 14 year old son- diagnosed with brain tumor- crainiotomy on 9-29-10 our entire world changed. I would not have known what the CALALLEN community was all about if this blonde angel hadn't walked into PICU and gave me a hug and told me her name- Tanya Lively. God brought people like you in our lives just when we needed you the most. This is an amazing place to live - this community is amazing.

  2. Well said, sweet friend. Great kick-off post.
    Love you... xo